Journal Articles

Hatef, A. (2017). From under the veil to under the knife: Women, global beauty, and cosmetic surgery in Afghanistan. Feminist Media Studies. Advance online publication.

Hatef, A. & Luqiu, L. R. (2017). Where does Afghanistan fit in China’s grand project? A content analysis of Afghan and Chinese news coverage of the One Belt, One Road initiative. International Communication Gazette. Advance online publication.

Liebler, C., Hatef, A., Munno, G. (2016). Domestic violence as entertainment: Gender, role congruity and reality television. Media Report to Women. 44 (1), 6-11 & 18-19.  

 Journal Articles Under Review

 Hatef, A. (Under review) Out of place: Seeking change through social media, art, and activism. Journal name omitted for peer-review purposes.

Hatef, A. & Luqiu, L. R. (Under review) Understanding terror, morality, and civil society through Afghan women’s bodies: Comparison of media representations of Afghan women in US, Afghan, and Chinese media. Journal name omitted for peer-review purposes.

Book Chapter

McAllister, M. P., & Hatef, A. (2018). Just how commercialized is children’s culture. In N. A. Jennings & S. R. Mazzarella (Eds.), 20 questions about youth & the media (2nd ed.) (pp. 185-195). New York: Peter Lang.

Book Reviews

Hatef, A. (2016). Review of Heather Savigny and Helen Warner, The politics of being a woman: Feminism, media and 21st Century popular culture, in Feminist Media Studies, 16 (4), 750-751.

Hatef, A. (2016). Review of Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst, Surface imaginations: Cosmetic surgery, photography, and skin, in Women’s Studies International Forum. Vol. 55 (p. 47-48).